E. van den Berg is a family business, established in 1907. The business has been driven by quality since day one. With flexibility and innovation, we ensure that we are always able to respond to an unpredictable market, so that you the customer don't even notice the challenges.


Dutch market leader for the Swiss market

As a real family business, E. van den Berg has been responsible for the supply and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables to Switzerland for more than 45 years. The fourth generation is now at the helm and we have grown into a modern, energetic, and flexible organization. Our mission is to be the most reliable supplier in Switzerland.

The Greenery

We have formed part of The Greenery since 1998, and this has enabled us to build up a large network of growers. We can therefore supply a full and sustainable range of products in large quantities every day. We provide a customized service, tailored to the high quality requirements of the Swiss market.

Our collaboration with The Greenery allows us to grow, but we still operate independently. We still work on the basis of the values we started out with in 1907:

Fresh and sustainable products

Specialists through experience

Switzerland is a challenging market with closed borders. The country is not a member of the European Union, which means that we always have to deal with various customs formalities. Fortunately, we are used to this. We have been working with various customs offices for many years, which means that our employees and drivers can deal with these formalities without any issues. This way, our products are always delivered exactly as agreed: on time, reliably, and with a high quality level.


Being Switzerland's most reliable supplier requires continual progress and development. We are therefore constantly developing new concepts and product innovations. Through our own research and market information, we ensure that we are always able to meet the demand of our clients. With the entire logistics chain under our own management, we are the perfect partner.


We have a shared responsibility with all links in the chain. We consider it important that consumers are able to buy safe and healthy products anytime, everywhere. With respect for both people and nature, we strive for a sustainable and socially-responsible product that is accessible to everyone.