We do everything we can to supply fruit and vegetables of the highest quality. Safety is paramount, and we have all the necessary safety measures in place throughout the chain.


At the growers’ and suppliers’ locations

We supply fruit and vegetables that have GlobalGAP certification as a minimum. GlobapGAP provides guidelines for agricultural produce with a focus on food safety and traceability. In addition, all The Greenery's growers take part in the GlobalGAP social practice module: GRASP. Our sorting and packaging sites are BRC or IFS-certified.

A smart ICT system

Our ERP operating system (freshNG) provides us with insight into all stocks and goods flows. Our logistics planning is therefore fully traceable. That keeps things simple. We also use EDI communications to ensure we always provide our clients with clear orders and confirmations.


The development, safety, and health of our employees is very important to us. We ensure that our employees have the right knowledge and skills to be able to perform their jobs optimally. They are fit and healthy, and take pleasure in their work. We encourage our employees to follow courses in the field of health and vitality, such as programmes to help them give up smoking, to keep them happy and healthy in the future too.